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Romance-themed postcards are some of my favorites to collect. I also love postcards from other countries. Combine the two genres and what could be better? Here are two postcards from my collection. There are many more examples to come in the future.

The first is a French postcard with handwritten German correspondence on the back. The title “Un Baiser” means “kiss” in noun form. Thank goodness it’s a noun, otherwise the meaning would be significantly more graphic. This card was written by a girl, Jeanne Meyer, to her aunt.

I haven’t taken German since high school and honestly, I didn’t pay much attention in class. Nevertheless, here’s my best stab at a translation. If it could be more accurate, feel free to let me know.


You know the longing

I have felt.

Since then you while

Alas, so indelibly far from me.

The beautiful hours are

When you are here with me

And I with you!

It greets and kisses

Your heart.

Your niece,

Jeanne Meyer

The next postcard was designed in London, printed in New York, and used in London. The picture is pretty suggestive, wouldn’t you say? I especially love the quote, “May you always be in a position to help yourself.”

I suspect poor Essie had a crush on Bert Knotts. She didn’t have too much tact. In case you can’t read the cursive, here’s what it says:

Dear Bert,

Happened to be in town at noon to-day shopping. Came across this card which rather took my fancy. How do you like the position? Rather an awkward one, don’t you think? Letter follows at first opportunity in haste. Yours very sincerely,