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This weekend, I took a brief trip to Delaware for Winterthur’s Material Culture Symposium for Emerging Scholars. It was great fun. Some of the papers featured really unique topics. A few of my favorites were about Emily Dickinson and glass, turbans in American art deco fashion, and astro-turf of all things. Below are some photos I took of the University of Delaware and nearby New Castle.

Having never visited Delaware prior to this trip, I’ve concluded that it was decidedly…colonial. Some parts seemed frozen in time, much like areas of Pennsylvania that I’ve seen. The simplicity was alien, beautiful, and puzzling to me.

One lesson learned from the symposium was to let objects speak for themselves. Easier said than done, as many objects can be utilized conversely to fit several ideas; some of which are far from the original intent. Is that a bad thing? It depends. The message struck close to home for me, as I do try to let my own objects do the talking on this blog.

Spoiler alert: my next post will feature another one of my rare books. To prep you for it, here’s a nice little video about the smells of old books. Thanks to my mom for stumbling upon it.

Until next time!