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Today I’d like to show you some of the beautiful illustrations from my 1841 Godey’s Lady’s Book. Louis A. Godey first published the magazine in 1830. According to a quote on Hope Greenberg’s website, the magazine was initially received with some trepidation from certain facets of the public. It was published until 1898; proof of its success.

My 1841 volume belonged to Mrs. George A. Pierce of Edgewood, Rhode Island. Sadly, I can’t pinpoint which Mrs. Pierce this was. It seems that George A. Pierce (1828-1910) had three wives throughout his lifetime and all of the marriages occurred well after 1841. Mr. Pierce was the proprietor of Edgewood Greenhouses. He also participated widely in the Civil War. He was a corporal in the Fourteenth Regiment of Rhode Island, Second Rhode Island Infantry. He then returned as a veteran volunteer, leaving that position to become First Lieutenant in the Fourteenth Rhode Island Heavy Artillery. He served as acting quartermaster in the Third Battalion before mustering out in 1865. Upon his death, Pierce bequeathed his estate to his daughter Esther. She went on to marry Stephen O. Metcalf, who gave the Pierce house to the Rhode Island School of Design.

Below are some engravings and fashion plates from my book. Enjoy!